TonMeister LX5


Second to none. Assisting the best.

Dynamic like no other it reveals every detail and matches the TonMeister amplifiers.

As clear and transparent as the air on a sunny spring day the TonMeister LX5 will perfectly prepare music to be played through the best music systems available.


Function meets design. Clear lines emphasize Bittner’s claim to appropriate only the very best.

The impressive and comprehensive display allows for remote control of all parameters and levels. Manually or via W-LAN and Bittner’s sound control app on a complimentary tablet computer.


Unique. Matching. Innovative.


Bittner’s Performance Matching and Zero-Tolerance circuit technology ensure optimal fidelity and openness.

Dynamics. Pure and challenging. Built to perform. Perfectly balanced.

Matching the TonMeister amplifiers to the peak.


Ideas mark the difference. Ingenious circuit concepts guarantee superior performance. Scrupulous selection of all components confirms the devotion to offer nothing but the very best.

Bittner’s Performance Matching and Zero-Tolerance circuit technology confirms the impressive advantage of the design and ensures a uniquely stable and far reaching musical enjoyment.

TonMeister LX5

  • Twelve precisely selected tubes

  • Separate high performance power supply

  • Wireless control

  • Power requirement: 125 watts

  • Weight Preamplifier: 10 kg
    Weight Power Supply: 18 kg
  • Input impedance: 100 kΩ

  • Frequency response
    @ 0 dBu in, +12.7 dBu out:
    0 dB (20 Hz), 0 dB (20 kHz), -1 dB (150 kHz)
  • THD+N: < 0,003 % (20 Hz - 20 kHz)

  • SNR: > 112 dB (10 Hz – 20 kHz, IEC A)
  • Channel separation: > 110 dB

  • Input level max. (volume step 1, 1 kHz, THD+N = 0.01 %): +30 dBu
  • Ouput level max. (volume step 99, 1 kHz, THD + N = 0.01 %): +30 dBu
  • Tubes: 12x 6N30

  • A tablet app provides remote control of power, input selection, volume in 99 steps, balance, muting, phase inversion of L/R channels individually, mono selection, balanced/single ended selection, operating time

Decades of experience in designing and manufacturing unique and superior amplifiers led to the creation of the TonMeister series. It includes Bittner’s unique and ground breaking ideas and concepts that have proven their qualities in other acclaimed Bittner products.

Music transforms into a sensual enjoyment with details that portrait music in highest definition and delity. It reveals miniscule characteristics and performance cues musicians dream about.

The entirety of expertise, the enjoyment of the exceptional and the desire to deliver an incomparable sound form a unique sensual experience – sonically breathtaking.

TonMeister LX5: Second to none!